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FAQ    Please see the list of frequently asked questions.  Find the answer listed below with the coordinating number.

1       What is a zip line tour?

2       What if I’ve never been on a zip line before?

3       What do I wear?

4       What type of weather causes cancellations?

5       Do I Need to Book Online or Can I Just Call the Office?

6       What are the age, weight and fitness requirements and restrictions?

7       How many people can participate in a tour at one time?

8       When does Zip Timber Lake operate?

9       Do I need to make a reservation?

10         What time do we need to arrive upon the day of our tour?

11         What kind of weather do you zipline in?

12         What if I show up late for our zip line tour?

13         What is your reservation and cancellation policy?

14         What can we bring with us on the tour?

15         Is there someplace for me to store my purse, wallet, etc. while I am on my tour?

16         If I’m not planning on participating in the tour, is there an area I can stay to watch my friends/family?

17         Do you have bathrooms on site?

18         Do you have concessions on-site?

19         How long do tours (tours) last?

20         How safe is zip lining?

21         How long is the course? How many elements?

22         Can I stop after one line if I decide I don’t like it?

23         I've never done anything like this before, should I still participate?

24         Do you have to climb up a lot of stairs or walking?

25         Is your staff trained to run zip lines?

26         Do I need to tip the staff?

27         What about photos?

28         Do you offer Group rates?

29         What if I have more questions?



A zip line tour is the generic term for what Zip Timber Lake is all about.  A zip line consists of a fixed cable suspended between two poles or trees. Riders use a trolley to ride the zip line from one side to the other. Riding a zip line is about the closest thing that you’ll experience to actually flying through the air!  Zip lines are not a new technology and have been around for over a hundred years.  Zip lines have been used around the world to access remote areas such as the rainforest or the Australian outback.  Zip Timber Lake tours include additional features by adding other high adventure elements such as aerial bridges and climbing. 

Don’t worry, we specialize in the “first-time” experience.  Your guides, zipologists, will be supervising you during the entire tour to ensure you receive proper equipment fitting, proper training and proper guidance during your entire tour.  Just follow your guide’s directions and you’ll do fine.  Your guides will give you a complete orientation and training session called “Ground School” before we take you on the course.  At Ground School, participants will learn about the techniques they will use while on the tour and includes a short zip line a few feet off the ground so you will know what it feels like before you go up to height.

Due to safety concerns, you must wear closed toed shoes on the course.  NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS or OPEN-TOED SHOES!!  Other than that, you may wear whatever you’re comfortable in.  We do not recommend short shorts or tank tops as the harness sits on mid thighs and shoulders which may be uncomfortable on bare skin.  You will be provided with a harness, gloves and a helmet.  In addition, please dress according to the weather forecast.  Rain jackets or pants are good for rain but we do not permit ponchos.  Be aware that during the winter months the temperature can be very cold. Zip lining in the winter is a lot fun if you are prepared for it. We recommend the following: winter socks, long underwear/leggings/tights, ski pants or shell, warm gloves, fleece or wool top, ski jacket or shell, warm cap and face mask (if very cold).

We DO conduct tours rain or shine, but will close the course if extreme high winds or lightening are detected in the area. We will wait for at least 30 minutes after the last wind gust or lightning strike before resuming the tour.  If inclement weather forces the closure prior to or during your tour, you will be issued a credit voucher for another tour valid up to one year from date of issue or a partial refund in the case a tour is discontinued prior to completion.

We strongly encourage you to reserve your experience to ensure a tour time is available. Each tour time is limited to a number of spots, just like purchasing an airline ticket.  It is easy and convenient to book online – just pick your time and date and then pay.  If you don’t have Internet access you can call the office and pay by credit card to reserve the date you want.

We do not have any age requirements and our guides will do their best to accommodate any age.  However, all riders must be able to listen, pay attention and follow the safety instructions from our guides.  All riders must weigh between 50 and 275 pounds.  The tour is designed for persons in relatively good physical condition.  If you can climb stairs, then you’re fit enough to enjoy our tour.  However, zip lining is prohibited from those who are pregnant according to our industry’s standards.  Riders who are under the influence or impairment of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to participate.  Furthermore, guests with existing injuries, seizure disorders, serious heart conditions or other medical conditions that may interfere with the participant's safety should not take this tour.  We have taken many groups who have had various limitations and we ask that you call us directly to discuss any specific medical concerns.

Our tour size is usually 5 to 7 participants but size can vary from 2 to 10.  Group rates start at 8 or more people. Please contact us if you have a group or need special accommodations.

Our course operates on scheduled tour times during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Winter tours are by Private Tour appointment only.  Private Tours for groups of 6 or more are available winter season only, 7 days a week (based upon Zipologist availability).  Please call us at 260-672-3251 to book a Private Tour.  Scheduled tours fill up fast, so early reservations are highly recommended.

We ask that guests arrive 15 minutes prior to their tour time to allow enough time for check-in and to account for any unexpected delays.  You can save time at registration by filling out your waiver prior to arrival.  Waivers are available online at ziptimberlake.com.  Please note, any minors not accompanied by parent or legal guardian must have a completed and signed waiver upon arrival.  No verbal authorization is accepted.

Zip tours are an excellent all weather activity and our tours will go out rain, shine or high heat.  However, with very little notice we may make cancellations due to lightening, extreme high winds or unsafe conditions at our sole discretion.  In these events, alternative dates will be offered and tours will be rescheduled.  There will be no penalty to you if Zip Timber Lake must reschedule your tour.  If you are on a tour and it is discontinued because of severe weather and we can't finish your tour, you will receive partial refund based on the uncompleted portion of the tour. Our goal is your safety and we will cancel if OUR radar detects any severe weather.  While it may be lightning in your area, it might not be lightning where we are, so please call if you have any questions.  It is your responsibility to provide us with the best telephone number to reach you the day of your tour. We do our best but weather cancellations have happened so be advised.

More than two weeks prior, customers may request a refund with a $5 per person fee or reschedule the tour with no reschedule fee.  Customers who rebook less than two weeks but more than 48 hours before their tour will be provided a reschedule voucher and incur a $5 per person reschedule fee (no refunds).  Reschedules and refunds are NOT provided in the event of less than 48 hours of the scheduled tour or in the even that: riders shows up late or not at all, rider weighing less than 50 pounds or more than 275 pounds, rider is impaired or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, or rider decides not to partake in tour due to fear of heights, medical issues, etc.  We zip in the rain, snow or shine. Zip line cancellations due to lightning, blizzards or unsafe weather conditions are at the sole discretion of Zip Timber Lake.  

If you arrive late and we start the tour without you, then you are considered a “no-show”.  As stated in the cancellation policy, no refunds or reschedules are permitted.  

You will be provided with a full body harness, helmet and gloves for your tour.  We recommend that you do not take any valuables with you on the course.  Zip Timber Lake is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items taken onto the tour.  If you should drop one of these items, they may not be able to be recovered.  Please leave your valuables at home or in your car while you’re on the tour.   You may bring a small camera or your cell phone so you can capture photos of your tour!  But remember, we are NOT responsible for damage or loss of cameras, phones or any other personal items.

Sorry, no.  Please leave valuables at home or locked in your car out of sight. We do not have a place to keep your keys while on your tour and we are not responsible for any items left unattended.

Those who do not want to participate can watch and take pictures of participants at certain locations throughout the course.  Our staff can guide you as to ideal locations for pictures or spectating.  However, it’s impossible to walk along the entire course with our tours because of the terrain covered.  If spectators plan to utilize the campground (swim, hike or fish), then additional fees apply.

Our bath and shower house provides both men and women restrooms.  In addition, the shower house can accommodate your need to change clothes prior to or after your tour.  Don’t forget to use the restroom before you start your tour, as there aren’t any restrooms on the tour itself.

Yes, our convenience store has drinks, chips, snacks and more.  Restaurants, ice-cream stands, taverns and more are only a short drive from Zip Timber Lake. 

The exact time per tour can vary greatly due to the size of the group, abilities of participants, the weather and the number of total tours currently on the course.  However, the High Adventure Tour normally takes 2½ to 4 hours.  The Introductory Tour takes approximately 1 to 2 hours.

We conduct a daily inspection of our courses and a periodic tuning of all of our equipment.  We also have an annual inspection completed by a third-party professional and in accordance to industry standards governed by the Association for Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT).  We strive for excellence and take extreme caution to ensure that all of our equipment is suitable for use.  The course was fully designed by a licensed engineer to adhere to all industry standards for maximum loads and forces.  The course was constructed by a highly experienced zip line fabricator meeting or exceeding industry standard construction.

Specially-designed construction materials specific to the zip line industry were used in the fabrication of the zip line course to ensure the highest quality possible.  Each of our guides receive a rigorous, ACCT-derived training program.  Daily inspections of both aerial and ground elements take place before a single customer takes their tour.  Full body harnesses, climbing helmets and gloves are provided to each participant.  Each customer is personally fitted by our guides to ensure a proper fit. 

The High Adventure Tour has a total of 8 zip lines, 4 bridges and two climbing elements.   The full tour includes our dual zip line and the 1,000 foot lake zip.  The tour is approximately 2 to 4 hours long, start to finish, depending on group size.  The tour reaches heights between 20 and 70 feet.

The Introductory Canopy Tour has a total of 3 zip lines and 2 aerial bridges.  The Introductory Canopy Tour includes the second longest line on the course.  This tour does not go over any water.  The tour is approximately 1 to 3 hours long, start to finish, depending upon group size.  The tour reaches heights of up to 30 feet.

We do not force anyone to do anything that they are uncomfortable with.  Many people have a fear of heights, but still enjoy our tours. You will be double-clipped to a steel cable at all times when you are zipping. Our guides are trained to follow procedures and will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions, and provide additional support.  However, there are systems in place to bring you safely to the ground should you desire to stop at any point in the tour.

22 Can I skip an element?

You will not have the opportunity to skip an element during the tour since the tour moves from element to element while at height during the majority of the tour.  However, our guides will do their best to accommodate your needs.  Of course, we will not force anyone to do anything they are uncomfortable with.  You will always have the opportunity to discontinue the tour at any time.

We use the natural contours of the land wherever possible in our course design.  We have an initial spiral staircase to get to height for the first zip.  During the tour, you will zip platform to platform with one ground landing on the Introductory Tour and three ground landings on the High Adventure Tour.  We have a short walk to the start of the tour and at the conclusion of the tour.  In addition, there is also a short hike on the High Adventure Tour.

Absolutely!  Zip Timber Lake takes pride in our guides, as they are the heart of our business.  To ensure our guides are prepared for any situation, each of our guides receive a rigorous, ACCT derived training program.  At the conclusion of this training program, guides are tested and certified by our third party professional vendor member of the ACCT.

Yes, while it's not required, it is much appreciated.  Our guides are professional trained to ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable and memorable experience.  Should you feel inclined to leave a tip, the industry standard is 10% - 15% of the cost of the tour per person.

We offer discounts to groups of 10 or more participants and require a deposit be made at time of booking the reservation.  We require a 50% deposit and a credit card on file to hold your reservation. This is only for group rates of 10 or more guests.  In order to receive the group discount, it is the responsibility of the organizer planning your tour to collect all methods of payments and submit a single payment to us.  The discounts vary based upon group size, day of the week and type of group outing.  For additional fees, we offer team bonding and team building activities as part of group reservations and depending upon the interest of the group.

27 Is alcohol allowed?

Since zip line tours are considered an extreme sport, Zip Timber Lake does not allow alcoholic beverages on the tour.  Nor do we allow anyone who is exhibiting behavior indicating that they may have been drinking to go on a zip line tour for safety reasons.  Anyone who shows signs that they may be intoxicated will be prohibited from the tour.

Please call us at 260-672-3251 or email us at Info@discovertimberlake.com


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